Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pakistan Bans Porn as 150,000 explicit content website addresses are officially blocked on social and moral Ground

The Pakistani Internet and Web Scene witness one of the largest filters in the region after China as a bans comes forward imposed under the supervision of the leadership of the Pakistan Telecom Regulatory Authority.

This ban comes after the VPN Tunneling Ban was imposed. Various sources have further shared that there may be further plans to implement blocking on various other keywords that affect the social and moral values of Pakistani citizens.

Such bans are underway without consulting a multistakeholder committee. A total of 150,000 website addresses were added to the filters at the ends of ISPs, Content Providers, Cellular Operators etc. According to a reliable source, the PTA leadership carried out certain meetings to reach this decision at PTA without informing the public at large. PTA has yet to publicly announce the list of blocked websites for transparency purposes. had originally reported such a possibility here earlier this month that has now been formally implemented.

Access Denied in Pakistan is officially confirmed and implemented due to social and moral pressures.....!