Friday, January 21, 2011

Gigantic Shuffles as Google's Eric Schmidt CEO gets replaced by co-founder Larry Page

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What happens when key product line offerings of giant Internet companies cannot be put through in the market like their competitors, well, we see some gigantic reshuffles as is happening in Google. Eric Schmidt has left Google after 10 years of serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Internet Giant. Google doesn't need an adult's supervision now for the second decade was the feeling that came from his tweet here. He tweets, "Day-to-day adult supervision no longer needed!" and points to the Google blog here. So the kids are back in the CEO saddle as Larry Page takes on as CEO.

What I feel is that the issues around Google misusing its search results to promote its own services and the recent product offerings from Google haven't really been doing so good and the pressure of all this does fall on the shoulders of a company's CEO. We saw what happened with Google Buzz that including launching and crashing because of Facebook's dominance on the social networking space, the issue with Google Books and the Authorship settlement, the inability of Google Android to really take over the market by gaining operator support or counter the Apple iPhone competition and the Google Street View collecting confidential data and EU's reaction over the issue leading it towards sort of an anti-trust situation.

Has Google grown too big for itself to be efficiently managed? I like the analysis given by Guardian here.

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