Saturday, November 14, 2009

In Sharam El-Sheikh for the IGF but without luggage - Yeah Emirates Airlines lost it from Dubai to Cairo!

Yes, I made it safely to Sharam El-Sheikh yesterday evening but without any luggage. The credit goes to Emirates Airlines that has done this with me twice this year now, last time while returning to Pakistan from the IGF consultations in Geneva in May 2009. The carrier lost 650 bags including the luggage of many other IGF participants travelling that particular flight. Imagine, you just load a hundred bags when you are carrying more than 200 passengers and the flight took of with a delay and arrived in Cairo with a delay. Pathetic! It was a huge chaotic situation at Cairo Airport when over more than a 150 passengers were at the luggage complain counter bashing the three poor Egyptian Ground Staff Emirates Airlines.

This stupidity in my personal opinion is my worst luggage loss because I have got nothing else to wear during the IGF as well as missing some of my important documentation for the meeting. Emirates Airlines is really really loosing its personal and responsible touch I used to confide in during the past 5 years. I would now prefer Etihad Airlines for any of my future travelling because they have become what Emirates was as the number one airlines in the region. Okay the Abu Dhabi Airport facilities are not as hip as Dubai Airport but still they are a responsible airliner.

On my way back I have an Etihad booking already arranged. Well, apart from the crying business over my luggage, the pre-IGF day has started with ISOC IGF Ambassadors Meeting on the 14th of November and I have been able to interact with some new wonderful people as well as meet up with old friends. So far so good without the luggage, interesting. Okay I am frustrated like many other people that lose their luggage on a daily basis across the world but I will get over it as I get busy over the day till the moment I have to get the same pair of clothes washed for tomorrow.

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